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Easton Park Fun Facts
Easton Park is an amazing place to call home for a multitude of reasons. Of course, we know all about the trails, the amenity center, and the wonderful parks around the community. But here is a little bit of historic background and fun facts you may not know about your home - Enjoy!

Pilot Knob Volcano

Did you know Easton Park is located on top of an extinct volcano? Known today as Pilot Knob, this volcano was once several thousand feet tall! Some of the lava rocks from this volcano are located in the Knob Hill park!

Newton Isaac Collins

You might know the name Newton Collins as the namesake of Easton Park’s elementary school, but it’s worth diving into the extraordinary story of the man behind the name. Newton Isaac Collins was a former slave who became a successful businessman and landowner who used his purchased land to build homes, churches and schools for his community. Given his life-long love of education, it’s fitting that his name graces the elementary school here at Easton Park, but many people might not realize that Collins actually played an important role in the development of our neighborhood. A deal was made with Collins’ heirs granting an easement across their land for critical utilities, allowing Easton Park to be built. Check out more information at the Easton Park blog post here.

Dark Skies Initiative

Easton Park is part of the Dark Skies Initiative, which is in collaboration with the McDonald Observatory put in effect to reduce the noise of light pollution, which wastes energy and money, disrupts global wildlife and ecological balance, and is linked to negative effects on human health. Learn more about the Dark Skies Initiative here.

The Story Behind Bryant Park & Knob Hill 

Bryant Park is named after the Manhattan’s Town Square – Bryant Park in New York City! Bryant Park is even designed to mirror the famous chess tables in the Big Apple. Knob Hill is a play off of San Francisco’s Nobb Hill - Tweaked to honor Pilot Knob’s history. This park even includes a trolley set up to resemble all of the trolleys that are unique to San Francisco!

Kieke Family

Kieke Park sits on land that was owned by Lawrence and Gertrude Kieke! This 8-acre neighborhood used to be the planting spot for many fig trees all around Easton Park!

Easton Cemetery

The Collins Cemetery is located right inside Easton Park and has tombstones on them that date all the way back to the 1800s!