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Board of Directors & Committees
Committee volunteers are a vital part of the community in Radisson. Their contribution of time, experience and energy makes a big difference on many levels of Association activities. 

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The Board of Directors

The RCA Board of Directors (BOD) is elected to represent the residents and other Association Members in making decisions about the planning, finances and general well-being of the Radisson community. The BOD conducts public meetings at the Aspen House, generally held on the 4th Wednesday of the following months: February, April, June, August and October.

Directors are elected to serve a two-year term, with the option on running for additional terms. Elected directors are announced at the Annual Meeting in June. Current Board Members

Community members may email the RCA Board directly at [email protected] 

Click to vote in the 2023 Board Elections. Link will be available May 31 - June 9 at noon.

Applications for 2023 Board member candidates accepted through 5pm on Friday, April 7, 2023.

Volunteer Committees

The Architectural Standards Committee is responsible for the review and approval of exterior architectural design changes, modifications or additions to your home. Due to the commitment and responsibility required of the members of this committee, its members are approved and appointed by the Board of Directors. 

The ASC meets once or twice a month, depending on the time of year. Homeowners must submit an application along with required documentation to this committee if they wish to make any modifications to the exterior of their home or property.  

Contact the ASC Committee at [email protected] or 315-635-7171.

The Finance Committee is responsible for providing assistance to the Board of Directors by analyzing the budgets prepared by the staff and committees, considering future financial needs, conducting periodic reviews of the Corporation’s financial condition, reviewing investment strategy, and recommending an auditor to conduct the Corporation’s annual audit. The Committee reviews and recommends fiscal policies to the RCA Board of Directors. 

Participation in the Neighborhood Watch Group does not require attending meetings. Residents can elect to be part of this committee by turning on their notification preferences for Watch Alerts. This channel keeps the community informed about incident reports in Radisson. NOTE: 911- should always be your FIRST contact regarding any type of suspicious activity.

The Nominating Committee is responsible for the recruitment and orientation of candidates for open Board of Directors seats in conjunction with the Annual Election in June. Members determine a slate of candidates and verify registration for voters. Compilation and tabulation of election results are done by members of this committee for presentation at the Annual Meeting.

The Operations Committee supports the Executive Director and Maintenance manager in maintaining RCA properties and facilities. They provide input on special projects, such as capital improvements, and exceptions in the day-to-day operations and maintenance.  Additionally, they perform ad-hoc tasks as assigned by the Board of Directors and/or Executive Director.

The Recreation Committee plans and organizes recreation and leisure time programs for community members. They are responsible for carrying out Radisson traditions as well as suggesting new activities.