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Resident Membership & IDs


Per RCA regulations, Membership in the Community is voluntary and separate from residency or home ownership. Enrollment as a Member is required in order to participate in all Radisson has to offer. 

The benefits of Membership include items such as: 
Use of the pool              Vote in annual elections           Listing in Radisson phone directory
Use of facilities like Aspen House, the storage yard, tennis courts, and River Park
Participation in swim lessons and summer playground program  
Invitations to community events and more

Resident Membership Enrollment Form 
NOTE: You will need to re-enroll any time your household information changes. 
As of January 1, 2011, only memberships filed using this online form will be considered valid. 

Check your Household Membership status

Note that Membership Enrollment and Homeowner Account datasets are not connected to each other. A change, or requested change, to one does NOT automatically carry over to the other type of record. It is the responsibility of the resident to keep this information current. 

Radisson Photo ID

Each Radisson resident, age 5 and over, is eligible to receive a photo id card, specifically for use in Radisson and at the Oberon Pool. Membership Enrollment must be completed first.

You will need a photo taken for a ID card if:
you don’t already have one, and are age 5 or over
the information (address or name) printed on your ID is outdated
your ID is more than 5 years old

Photos are taken by RCA staff at the Pool during designated Photo ID hours. Residents will be issued a temporary pass and the card will be mailed. There is no fee for your first ID card; fees apply for lost/replacement cards. ID card must show your current Radisson address.

You will need a sticker to make your existing Radisson ID valid for the current year. These are available at the Pool desk.