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Parking & Towing Information
Towing is enforced between the hours of 11pm to 5am.

Only those vehicles—including motorcycles—displaying the proper parking permits are authorized to park in the Courtbridge parking lot from 11pm to 5am. Additionally, failure to park in a legal parking space or parking over the lines could result in being towed.

Each unit is provided with two parking permits—one primary parking decal and one secondary parking hang tag.
•    Decals must be displayed on the lower right side of the rear window of the vehicle (passenger side).
•    Placard hang tags must be hung visibly from the vehicle’s rearview mirror.
•    Parking permits are not transferrable and may only be utilized by the assigned unit owner, their tenants, guests, and/or resident family members.

Lost or stolen parking permits may be replaced upon written request to the Management Office along with a payment of $20.00 for each permit. To submit this request, email [email protected]

Courtbridge Parking Regulations:

•    Unless otherwise authorized by the Board of Directors, the parking areas may not be used for any purpose other than parking automobiles.
•    No buses, trucks, trailers, boats, recreational or commercial vehicles shall be parked in any parking areas.
•    Motorcycles shall be parked in the parking areas and may not be housed in units or parked on lawn areas or any other area of the condominium.
•    All vehicles must have current license plates and be in operating condition.
•    Any vehicle which remains in the same parking space for more than 60 days shall be considered inoperable unless the Unit Owner can demonstrate otherwise to the Board of Directors or its designee.
•    For more information, see #23 in the Rules and Regulations and Policy Resolution 2014-01

The contracted towing company for Courtbridge I is Advanced Towing:
•    Contact: 703-525-0550
•    Location: 4000 5th Rd N., Arlington, VA 22203