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THE MENUS (or Where to Look for What)


The ‘Resources’ section primarily holds assets such as governing documents, meeting minutes, newsletters, policies, maps, etc. 

Community Pages

The ‘Community Pages’ section is the best place to go for general information.  (These pages will often direct you to the assets located in the ‘Resources’ section.) There is also a new 'Quick Index' on the ‘Community Pages’ menu to hopefully help locate information more easily.

For Residents

The ‘For Residents’ section is a quick way to reach information available only to residents. These items can also be reached through the ‘Community Pages’ section.


News blasts are posted by management and by special groups (such as bingo calls by the Virtual Bingo group.) If you receive news from Happy Trails in your email, these posts are what make up the content of the ’News’ section (most recent first in the list).