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A Reflection on Safety in the Community

Speeding Safety Video

Golf Cart Traffic Policy
The Broken Top Club golf course cart paths are for golfers only. Pedestrians and bikes are not allowed on the golf course pathways at any time.

Golf cart drivers are allowed to use pedestrian pathways in the absence of a golf cart trail or access to a golf cart path. Avoid driving golf carts on our roads whenever possible to exercise safety within the community. Golf carts (just like moving vehicles) need to yield to pedestrian/bike traffic in all situations.

Unlicensed drivers and children are not permitted to operate a golf carts on Broken Top property. Due to concerns for safety, both BTCA and Broken Top Club policies only authorize licensed drivers to operate a golf cart.

Please practice golf cart safety and exercise good judgement at all time. Motor vehicles and golf carts do not mix. Carts are limited to two riders; please adhere to these policies.

Golf cart drivers, please be courteous and yield to pedestrians. Thank you.