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Access Control
Entrance Gate Arm Operation All residents and visitors must pass through either the main gate on Baymeadows Road or the gate on Southside Boulevard. As your vehicle approaches the reader, it will receive a signal from your RFID decal and the gate will open automatically. Please wait for the gate arm to open and proceed with caution. The entrance gate arms are automatically lowered after each car passes through, allowing each vehicle to be properly identified. To avoid damage to your automobile, please observe the signal at each gate arm and do not proceed forward until the gate arm is in an upright position. Residents and visitors will be financially responsible for any gate arm replacements and damage to community or personal property.

Vehicle RFID: Decals Vehicle radio-frequency identification (RFID) stickers/decals are only issued at the Baymeadows gatehouse from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.The vehicle must be present as RFID decals are physically placed on the vehicle by Access Control (RAMCO) for security and control purposes. The RFID decals are placed on the inside of the vehicle windshield. The residents will continue to use the right-hand lane at the entrances. As the vehicle passes the reader, it will send a radio signal to the reader and the gate will open automatically. Resident There is a $30 charge for each decal issued to vehicles owned by people residing in the Deerwood community. Payment is made by check or money order to the Deerwood Improvement Association (DIA) at the time of issuance. Residents are required to complete the *Resident Registration Form in order to be issued a decal. Residents are also required to show the vehicle’s current registration, insurance, and your drivers license. Decals will not be issued to vehicles with a temporary paper tag. There is no expiration on these decals. However, when homeownership changes and/or residents move out of the Deerwood community, the decals will be deactivated. When vehicles with RFID decals are sold, traded, or disposed of, the decal should be removed and destroyed. Residents should also notify Access Control to deactivate the decal and make the proper changes in the software.

Non-resident RFID: Family Residents may authorize and purchase RFID decals for non-resident family members for a fee of $30.00. Payment should be made by check or money order to the Deerwood Improvement Association (DIA). As with resident RFID decals, there is no expiration on non-resident family issued decals. However, when homeownership changes and/or residents move out of the Deerwood community, all associated vehicle RFID decals will be deactivated. The authorizing resident must complete, sign, and submit the Registration Form, along with the appropriate payment. The family member will then be required to show identification, vehicle’s current registration, and proof of insurance at the Baymeadows gate to be issued the decal. Guest Access For the safety and security of our community, guests (including vendors and contractors) must be pre-authorized or they could be denied access. Owners can add and update guests/visitors in one of these three ways:

1. ABDi Gate Access Website • Website:
2. ABDI Gate Access App • Download the ABDI Gate Access App (Red Octogon)
3. Voice Authorization Line • Call: (904) 595-3075

If you have an account and forgot your username or password, call the Baymeadows Gate and ask for the Account Manager. if you need help with the Gate Access System please schedule an appointment with the Account Manager.