Golden Vista RV Resort
3710 S Goldfield Rd
Apache Junction, AZ

(480) 671-2000
Toll-free (800) 558-7512

Fax (480) 671-2572

Security (480) 620-2879
Welcome to Golden Vista RV Resort

Golden Vista Resort is the top choice among Phoenix-area Arizona park model mobile home and RV active 55+ retirement communities where you own your land.

Over a century ago the lost Dutchman discovered a fortune in gold in the legendary Superstition  Mountains just a few miles from the Golden Vista Resort.  It wasn't until many years later, in the early 80's, that Golden Vista was founded and established.  It was then that visitors started to realize that the gold wasn't the only fortune that Apache Junction had to offer.  Golden Vista was a treasure nestled away in the middle of a peaceful small town, with the beautiful backdrop of the majestic Superstition Mountains surrounding it.  It slowly started to become a guest's choice of stay.

Nowadays winter visitors from all over the United States and Canada enjoy the perfect retirement location where warm weather and beautiful palm trees welcome them.  Golden Vista offers a multitude of activities, lifelong friendships, and an everyday resort lifestyle.