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Welcome to Hamilton Field of Marin Owners Association
"Welcome to Hamilton! We are so happy that you made the decision to be part of this vibrant and welcoming community. In case you aren't aware, Hamilton Field has extensive historical significance and is designated a Historic District on the National Register. To learn more about Hamilton's history, pay a visit to one of the original buildings, the Hamilton Field History Museum, which is located on Hangar Ave.

In purchasing your Hamilton home, you have become a member of the Hamilton Field of Marin Owners Association. The Association is managed by a Board of Directors elected every three years by homeowners. The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the existing Covenants Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) and Bylaws. These documents and the Association's annual operating budget should have been supplied to you prior to closing. In addition, each neighborhood has an Architectural Committee whose responsibility is to ensure the original design of each neighborhood is maintained.

To: Prospective, New, and Present Members of Hamilton Field Marin Owners Association
From: Wakefield Sharp Management Company, Nancy Kawata HOA President
Re: Renters
Hamilton has had wonderful renters. Our homeowners and renters have usually maintained the property without Association enforcement. Nonetheless, homeowner associations often experience the following issues with renters:
  • renters tend to violate association rules more often than owners,
  • renters have more calls to the police than owners,
  • renters & landlords are less inclined to invest in the upkeep of their property,
  • landlords are less likely to volunteer to assist the community,
  • a high percentage of renters depresses property values,
  • lenders recognize the problems associated with renters and are less inclined to loan or will lend at a higher interest rate in communities with a high percentage of renters.
When renting a home, the Association is requiring the following information from homeowners:

Written Rental Agreement
There must be a written rental agreement specifying that the renter(s) shall be subject to all provisions of the Governing Documents. Homeowners are subject  to disciplinary action or other actions by the Association to enforce the Governing Documents. The rental agreement must identify all Occupants. Financial information may be redacted.
Governing Documents to Tenant
The Owner must provide any non-Owner resident with current copies of all the Governing Documents. The Owner shall also provide copies of any subsequent changes or additions. 
Renter Identification
The Owner shall provide written notice to the Association of the name, day and evening telephone numbers and email address for each renter and any other residents within ten (10) days of the change in occupancy. The notice shall include a statement of the rental term and the total number of residents. The Owner shall provide the Association with a copy of the rental agreement. Dollar amounts and extraneous information may be redacted.
Upon Association request, the Owner shall provide information on renter(s) vehicles, including number of vehicles, make/model and license plate number(s), registered owner(s) and evidence of insurance.

Structural/Landscaping Changes
Hamilton Field’s Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) specify that visual changes to the exterior of your home and lot must be approved in advance by your neighborhood's Architectural Committee.  The application process includes informing your neighbors and getting their signature that they have been notified.  The process can take up to 60 days.  Owners need preapproval for all noticeable (to the association or neighbors) visual changes including tree removal, new mailboxes, changes to landscaping or hardscape, altered fencing, new structures of any kind, and new external systems including solar systems.  If you are repainting your home the same colors, or replacing a tree with the same variety in the same location, no approval is required.

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