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Welcome to Gate Sentry

Gate Sentry is pleased to partner with the Hampton Park Association Board to provide a revolutionary benefit to you as a member of Hampton Park. Gate Sentry was selected by the Board and is the premier visitor management solution for prestigious gated properties, linking homeowners directly to the access control team in order to enhance visitor access into the community. Your guest list updates will be available to the access control staff in real-time, ensuring that they have the most up-to-date and accurate visitor information available. In addition, when a visitor arrives you will receive immediate arrival notifications in your email inbox and/or your mobile device when you use our mobile app. Now, from anywhere in the world you will have the ability to know and control who is visiting your home.

To access your personalized Gate Sentry account, please use the simple steps below:

1. Get Our free app or access the internet 2. Create your account
  • On the login screen select “Create Account” then enter your preferred user name and password, enter your email address and the code below. Please make special note of any capitalization on your entries since each field is case sensitive. Any capitalization used to create your username or password, will be required when logging in. The code below also requires proper capitalization.
  • Personal Access Code for your home: (you received this via email) If you do not have it, please contact (904)273-3033 for assistance.
3. Download the Quick Start Guide
Download the Gate Sentry Quick Start Guide for additional tips.

4. Update your Information
Update/correct all personal information to ensure the Access Control Team can contact you if needed
Add guests, track visitor history, & receive visitor emails and/or text notifications on your phone (with the mobile app). iPhone users, take note of Apple’s auto capitalization on your entries (ID’s & PW’s are case sensitive)

5. Get Help
Notify us of any issues accessing your account by emailing [email protected].

Gate Sentry Technical Support
Phone: (800) 975-5971
Email: [email protected]

Gate Sentry FAQs