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For Potential Buyers
Here in Indian Mountain Lake, we are happy to provide information to potential new owners in the community to help them make a good, informed decision. Buying a home is not only a monetary investment, it’s an investment for the future of your family.

We have five man-made lakes, two outdoor pools, two basketball courts and one tennis court.
Association dues cover 24/7 security and gates, curbside trash pickup, road maintenance and snow plowing, amenities and administration.

As of 2019 we have allowed Golf Carts in our community for ease of access to amenities.

If you are interested in looking at homes in the development, you must come in with a realtor. Your realtor will have to provide their valid real estate license to gain access. License & Registration is also required. Sorry, we do not just allow potential buyers into the development alone. No “For Sale” signs are allowed in the development.

As the Homeowners Association, we are a third party and do not get directly involved with the sale of the home. However, by P.A State Law, a Resale Certificate must be ordered.

A Resale Certificate is a set of documents and disclosures that is assembled by the Association. The Resale Certificate is provided by the Seller to the Prospective Buyers. It contains legal documents that describe the formation of the Association and how it operates. The package includes a complete set of recorded documents that govern our Association, including the By-Laws, Covenants, Rules and Regulations and so on. Once the Association receives the written request for the order and a payment of $300, we will begin work. By law, we have 10 days to create the Resale.

The Resale Certificate is required BY LAW. Make sure it is ordered! As a Prospective Buyer, you have two weeks to go over all of the information in the packet to make sure you are making a well informed decision about your responsibilities with buying a home in our community.

At or before closing, your realtor should disclose to you the Capital Improvement Fee. The Capital Improvement Fee (CIF) is a one-time transfer fee that is required by P.A State Law. The amount of the CIF changes every year, and that amount is included in the Resale Certificate. CIF’s are maintained in a separate capital account and will be expended only for new capital improvements or replacement of existing common elements. No money will be expended for operation, maintenance or other purposes.

If you would like to read Title 68, which includes all HOA Laws, please click here

As a Prospective Buyer, it is in your best interest to make sure you are as well informed as possible. Make sure to do your own research to make sure you are coming to the best decision for you and your family.