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Indian Mountain Lake is proud to have members dedicate their own personal time for the betterment of the community.
We are always looking for new volunteers to give their time to help continue to make improvements for Indian Mountain Lake. If you are ever interested in joining, please leave a message in the Office for the Chairperson of the committee you're interested in. 

Aesthetics & Parks
Chairperson: Eileen Garber

The Aesthetics & Parks Committee is responsible for presenting recommendations to the Board of Directors that will enhance the appearance of Association owned property. Their recommendations include cost estimates and a plan for any on-going maintenance associated with beautification of the community. This committee considers the ambiance of the natural surroundings and settings of the Pocono area.

Chairperson: Belita Webb

The Arbitration Committee members and Chairperson are appointed by the Board of Directors and function pursuant to the IMLCA By-Laws to insure protection of the members due process rights when there is an alleged violation of the IML covenants, IMLCA By-Laws and/or Rules and Regulations. The Committee sets hearing dates, hears evidence and presents their findings and recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the discipline of members, covenants, IMLCA By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, and/or Property Management Code.

Architectural Review Committee
Chairperson:  Dennis Brislin
The ARC reviews the Association’s Building Code to be sure all requirements contained therein are in accordance with property deeds, covenants and any other municipal or state law that may be applicable. They present recommendations for changes to the Board of Directors as necessary. The Committee also hears requests for variances and may conduct construction plan review and/or construction inspection.

By-Laws Committee
Chairperson: Harley Kasha

The Board of Directors reviews the Association’s By-Laws annually for any and all appropriate revisions. They also consider recommendations from the membership for changes. All recommendations are reviewed by the Association’s legal counsel. Finalized proposals for changes are presented to the IMLCA general membership pursuant to the By-Laws Article for Amendments.

Disaster Action Committee
Chairperson: Vacant

The Disaster Action Committee evaluates the potential hazards i.e.: blizzards, hurricanes, wildfires, plane crashes, etc., that could occur in IML, which would seriously affect the well being of its residents. The Committee recommends a written emergency action plan including the identification of community resources, communication and possible evacuation procedures, as well as items necessary to use the IMLCA Clubhouse as the emergency command center. This Committee will work closely with township, county and, possibly, state emergency management personnel.

Finance Committee
Chairperson: Tom Whitehead

This committee is required to meet on a regular basis to make decisions to be presented to the Board through the Treasurer. The ideal committee has familiarity and experience in financial matters, proper accounting procedures, controls, and a knowledge of how to provide the proper reporting of financial transactions.  Members are expected to contribute to the thoughts and implementation process for the best use of the associations funds. 

Lakes, Waterways & Fishery Committee
Chairperson: Jack Heaphy & Mike Kulp

The Lakes and Fishery Committee is responsible for planning the on-going management and improvement of the ecology of Indian Mountain Lake’s most valuable asset: its lakes and other recreational facilities. Our work focuses on keeping the lakes and pools open and in working order during the recreation season. The Committee works with various lake management consultants to develop programs for monitoring and testing the lakes and to employ the most cost effective methods for maintaining our lakes in pristine condition. The Committee also plans for and oversees the stocking of fish for our lakes and the annual Kids Fishing Derby. In addition, the committee will oversee and suggest ideas to enhance the grounds, facilities and equipment at the Association's pools and parks.

Rules & Regulations Committee
Chairperson: Harley Kasha

The Rules and Regulations Committee conducts an on-going assessment of security-related issues and conditions within the IML community to determine exposure and risks to the community. It considers alternative strategies to minimize these risks and gathers information and costs associated with those alternatives for presentation to the Board of Directors. The Rules and Regulations Committee reviews the Association’s Rules and Regulations and recommends changes, as necessary, to the Board of Directors and may also recommend changes to the security program requiring changes in staff support or funding.

Social Committee
Chairperson: Vacant

The Recreation Committee reviews the needs and opportunities for recreational activities to enhance the social well being of the community. They develop a program of recreational activities for all ages, schedule dates and times, plan programs from start to finish and determine expenses and estimated possible revenue for each activity. Basically, this Committee manages, monitors and evaluates each planned activity to evaluate effectiveness of the activity. The Committee may also present recommendations to the Board of Directors for equipment, facility use or other associated items to improve recreational opportunities in the community.

Waste & Recycling
Chairperson: Jamie Kresge

Roads & Bridges
Chairperson: Vacant/TBD

Short & Long-Term Rental 
Chairperson: Bill Allen

The purpose of this committee is to provide guidance and advisement to the IMLCA Board of Directors on policies and procedures as it relates to short term rentals within Indian Mountain Lake.