Frequently Asked Questions

New Residents
Do I need to notify the HOA when I move in?

No, you do not have to notify us if you move in. Although it's not required that you notify the HOA that you have moved in, you may want to stop by the business office to ensure we have your phone number and email address. You can also get your resident pass while you're there.

Where do I get a parking pass?
The Kingstowne Residential Owners Corporation does not issue any parking passes. Please reach out to your specific condo or apartment manager for any parking passes required for your property. Click here for a list of the condo and apartment phone numbers. 

How do I know what neighborhood and village I live in?
KROC is comprised of 48 neighborhoods which are divided into three villages, North, Middle, and South. Click here to find the neighborhood your street is assigned to. 

North Village neighborhoods: Abbey, Attenborough, Bradford, Breighton, Canterbury, Carlisle, Chancery, Coventry, Dumbarton, Eastbourne, Kingstowne Overlook, Newcastle, Northampton, Prestwick, Sheffield, Walhaven, Waterford, and Waterside.

Middle Village neighborhoods: Ashleigh, Chatsworth, Derbyshire, Dorset, Dunwich Square, Edinburgh, The Elms, Eton Square, The Henley, Terrington, The Windsor, and Yorkshire.

South Village neighborhoods: Aldenham I, Aldenham II, Amherst Village, Beccles Field, Belford, Cantwell, Collingwood, Devonshire, Founders Ridge, Hunters Crest, Kenwood Forest, Nottingham, Queens Court, Stratford Place, Wickford, Wiltshire, Windermere, and Winsford.

What do our HOA fees go to?
HOA fees cover all the expenses associated with running the community. Like a small city, there are costs associated with utilities (street lights, water, gas), landscaping, staffing, maintaining recreational facilities, insurance, trash removal, etc.

How do I get a copy of my property plat?
Plats can be ordered online through Fairfax County. Click here to go to the Fairfax County site.

Does KROC insurance cover my property?
The HOA does not insure any residential buildings. Unit owners should purchase their own insurance coverage for their homes.

Who do I contact about a maintenance issue in my condo or apartment building?
Each condo and apartment building has an additional management company that you will need to contact for any issues related to your building. Please refer to the most recent "Kingstonian" for contact information for your specific property, or you can click here for their information

Can I fish in the Kingstowne Lake? 
No fishing is allowed in the lake. The lake is a stormwater facility with artificial banks. The banks lead to a steep concrete drop off that is dangerous for people on foot.

Do I have to reserve the tennis/pickleball courts?
No reservation is needed because the courts are first come, first served. However, we do ask that people be considerate and limit their play time if there is a line.

Will there be more pickleball courts?
We are currently weighing the options for installing more pickleball courts. We are waiting on the results of an upcoming community survey to help determine if there is enough demand.

Why don't we have a dog park?
There are a couple of reasons that Kingstowne does not have a dog park. Kingstowne does not have the space to meet Fairfax County’s strict zoning requirements for dog parks nor to build adequate parking. Additionally, we would anticipate higher expenses for insurance coverage and maintenance of the facility.  
Fairfax County has some public dog park options for you to consider. Click here for the full list of Fairfax’s parks. Three nearby options are Lenclair Park (nine-minute drive), Grist Mill Park (10-minute drive), and South Run District Park (15-minute drive).

Services and Common Area
Why was my yard waste not picked up? (Or why was my trash/recycling not picked up?)
They may have just missed it or it was put out too late. If your trash, recycling, or yard debris is missed, email us at [email protected] and we will contact the hauler to have it picked up.

Who do I contact to get a common area tree pruned?
You can contact our operations department for any common area work requests like tree pruning. You can submit a common area concern by clicking here. You can also email [email protected] or call 703-922-9477 and ask for operations.

Do I need to notify the HOA when I plan to do utility work that may run through the common area (such as installing internet service or servicing a water line)?
Yes. Contact David at [email protected] and explain the work that will impact the common area. Any disturbed turf areas must be replaced with sod.

How do I report a burned out street light? 
You can report a street light by either filling out this online form or emailing us at [email protected]. Make sure you include the nearest street address and the pole numbers in your report. We will report your light as soon as we receive it. Please give Dominion one to two weeks to service the light. 

Greater Kingstowne Area
What's happening with the Top Golf site on South Van Dorn?
EYA is a development company that is planning to build 172 townhomes on the former Top Golf site on South Van Dorn Street. They are under contract to purchase the land from David Gregory. The EYA development plan is currently being considered by the Land Use Committee. Kingstowne Residential is conditionally supporting the development as long as they do not exceed the proposed home count, preserve greenspace buffers around their neighborhood, and work with Fairfax County to improve traffic in that section of South Van Dorn Street.