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                           Informational Reminders for Resident and Owner Awareness

Many owners of course may already be aware, however there are many residents and owners that are not aware, and the following information serves to help guide:


The curbside collection of bulky trash is a service provided by Howard County by calling 410-313-6444. Please call and schedule a collection service every time you need something picked up.

Please do not place Bulky trash out and just leave it – keep the items at your property out of view of the rest of the community and hold there until the evening before the scheduled pick-up service.

Please check with the County before placing something at the curb that they will not take for a curbside pick-up –

If you place something out and then see the item remain after a County trash collection day – then it is obvious they will not take it for some reasonplease do not ignore the item  -Remove the item for the consideration of the other who live in the community and figure out how to dispose of the item properly.

Information on County Bulky trash service can be found on their website here:

STREETLIGHTS- Outages and maintenance

Almost all the streetlights in the community are maintained by BG&E. If a streetlight needs maintenance or is out or is on during the day, residents should report these to BG&E, the best way is via their very efficient online website portal/map for reporting streetlight outages or other streetlight maintenance issues here - . Otherwise you can call to report streetlight outages to BG&E at 1-877-778-2222.

*Note – there a couple of streetlights that are not maintained by BG&E, so if you cannot find the specific streetlight pole on the map, then please contact Management with a pole number and location and issue description.


There are areas the HOA does not have power to govern and that are not HOA owned common areas.

The HOA does not have purview or jurisdiction to enforce parking along public streets or dedicated County roadways and only the Howard County Police or Auxiliary Police have the authority to enforce County Street parking if there is a violation of County code per written ordinance – they will not enforce things that are not written into the law.

If there is a street parking issue or concern, please do not report this to the HOA, please contact the area County Police resource Officer noted here and provide specific vehicle location and description of the vehicle and concern and report this information to the Police so that they can investigate the concern and take action to enforce if applicable.

NOTE: Keep in mind of course that even though you may think a situation is a violation, it might not be under the law.

Other- County issues, services, code enforcement, etc.

The King’s Woods Townhouses Association is not the source or depot for all things in the community and in fact has very finite limits to what it is and does. The Association has no maintenance obligations or authority when it comes to the public areas such as the roadways, or the public right of ways, street signs,

The County does have various other authority for enforcement of County ordinances and codes, and issues related to ordinance violations and varying county maintenance for public roadways, residential trash and recycling collection issues, traffic sign maintenance, storm drain maintenance, and various other County jurisdiction matters.

Residents and citizens are encouraged to contact Howard County to report issues where the County likely has better or more enforcement power such as when it comes to other matters. The County uses a convenient mobile device or tablet APP called Tell Ho Co – found in the app store. Their online portal can also be used to report issues

Animal Control matters

The County has the best enforcement authority for handling animal control issues and ordinances pertaining to leash laws, animals at large, not picking up after a pet, pet related noise issues, aggressive animal complaints, pet nuisance matters, etc.

Please do not hesitate to report animal control issues to the County for enforcement by calling 410-313-2780 (after hours 410-313-2929)

The Howard County Animal Control website has further information


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