Sub-Associations & Luxury Apartments
The Meadows Neighborhood Company (MNC) is the master association for the community. The MNC has the authority to enforce its covenants as well as its architectural applications and approvals for every unit located within the MNC. If a sub-association has adopted their own architectural guidelines, those guidelines may be more restrictive than the MNC guidelines, but cannot be less restrictive. 
All architectural applications must be sent to the MNC master association for initial approval. Owners that reside in a sub-association must also check with their community managers and the governing documents for the sub-association to determine whether or not they are also required to submit an architectural application to their sub-association and obtain its approval prior to the installation of any exterior improvements to property. The approval or denial letter from the sub-association must be sent to the master association at [email protected] within 14 days of reaching a decision. If the required documentation is not provided within a reasonable time frame, the covenants enforcement policy will be followed to ensure compliance.

Managed by: MSI
Cheri Miller
[email protected]

Board Members
President - Valorie Long
Vice President - Mark Armstrong
Secretary/Treasurer - Christine Mickel

Cyan Park Condominium Owners Association Inc.
Managed By: MSI
Heather Star
[email protected]

Morgans Run
Morgans Run has their own Architectural Guidelines as well as Rules and Regulations established by the Sub-Association. 
Managed By: Worth Ross
Tom Hobelman, CMCA, AMS
[email protected]

Board Members
President - Cathy Harrigan - [email protected]
Vice President - TBD - [email protected] 
Treasurer - Brad Moon - [email protected]
Secretary - Gail Hornkohl - [email protected]
Director - TBD - [email protected]

New Haven
New Haven has their own Architectural Guidelines, Special Services Agreements, and Rules and Regulations governed by the Sub-Association.
Managed By: KC & Associates
Clayton Russell
D: 303-948-8198
O: 303-933-6729
[email protected]
For general questions, please contact [email protected]

Board Members
President - VACANT 
Vice President - Jeff Rayer -  [email protected]
Secretary - VACANT
Treasurer - Shane Ravn - [email protected]
Member at Large - VACANT

The Meadows Filing 20 Homeowners Association Inc.
Managed By: MSI
Susan Milbrath, CMCA, AMS
[email protected]

The Meadows Filing 20 Phase 2 Amendment 6 Subassociation Inc.
Managed By: MSI
Susan Milbrath, CMCA, AMS
[email protected]

President - Stephanie DeRosier
Vice President - Kevin Lupton
Treasurer - Christopher Finuliar

Luxury Apartments

Avalon Bay
Michael Abbatello
[email protected]

Ridge at Castle Rock Apartments
Julie Leiker
[email protected]

Talus Flats
Hayley Siebert
[email protected]