Snow Removal Information

Questions? Contact Sam Garman at 720-287-1206 or [email protected]

Report an area needing snow removal: Report a Snow Removal Complaint Form.

Need help with snow removal on your property? Contact the Good Deeds Club!

The Meadows Neighborhood Company (MNC) Snow Procedures:

MNC Facility Delays/Closures: We will notify the community via eblast and Facebook.

MNC Areas: The MNC clears snow for The Grange, Taft House, MNC-owned trails, sidewalks on or adjacent to MNC property, alleys, and shared driveways.
  • The MNC will conduct snow removal operations once there is 2 or more inches (4 inches for shared driveways) of snow accumulation on the roadways and the snow has stopped falling, unless forecasted temperatures deem snow removal efforts to be unnecessary as the snow will quickly melt. The MNC may apply salt/sand as deemed necessary.
  • The MNC operates according to a priority list. The Grange, Taft House, alleys, and shared driveways will always be cleared of snow first. Sidewalks on or adjacent to MNC property close to schools will be cleared next. All other sidewalks and the trail system will be cleared last.
Streets: The streets are owned, maintained, and plowed by the Town of Castle Rock (TOCR).
  • From November 15 - March 15, snow accumulation must exceed 4 inches on the roadway before being cleared by plows. Outside of those dates, plowing takes place when accumulation reaches 8 inches on residential roadways.
Sidewalks: It is the property owner’s responsibility to keep the sidewalks on or adjacent to their property free from snow and ice. Please report violations to [email protected] or 720-733-3557.
  • These sidewalks are governed by the TOCR Municipal Code (12.16.030): "It shall be the further responsibility of all property owners in the Town to maintain all curbs, gutters and sidewalks on or adjacent to their property free from all obstructions, snow and other hazards...It is deemed appropriate that snow and ice shall be removed from the sidewalks within forty-eight (48) hours following the termination of any weather condition which causes two (2) or more inches accumulation upon such sidewalks."  
Trails: Some trails throughout The Meadows are owned and maintained by the MNC or the TOCR. We work in collaboration to ensure the trails are clear of snow.
  • Briscoe Trail – Winter Notice: The Briscoe Trail project was completed in Sept 2023. Now, we need your help to ensure that the longevity and integrity of the concrete is protected. Salt or ice melt products will deteriorate the concrete and void the Association’s warranty with the company that completed the projectTherefore, it is crucial that no salt or ice melt are placed on the trailSand may be used to help with traction, but please understand that you walk at your own risk during the winter. As a reminder to all trail users, signs are installed at the four entrance points. For more information about this project, please refer to page 11 in the Oct - Dec 2023 edition of Meadows Living. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Assistant Director, Kat Egly, at [email protected].
Alleys & Shared Driveways: The Stewart Park, Upland Park, and Tyler Park neighborhoods in The Meadows have alleys and shared driveways that the MNC clears of snow. Read below for specifics:
  • Alleys:  
    • The MNC will clear snow from the alleys of Upland Park, Tyler Park, and Stewart Park. 
    • The MNC will clear snow for the alleys at the Villas at Stewart Park, but we do not clear driveways. Your sub-association is responsible for the driveways and sidewalks.
    • You can distinguish an alley from a public street because the sign for a street will be blue, whereas an alley will be brown.
  • Shared Driveways: The threshold to trigger snow removal is 4 inches 
    • Tyler Park: The MNC only clears snow for the middle section of the shared driveways in the shape of a rectangle. The driveway aprons are the homeowner's responsibility.
    • Stewart Park: The MNC clears the entire driveway, including aprons.
Sub-Association Disclaimer: The information above is correct for the majority of The Meadows. Please note that there are areas throughout where this information does not apply. For example, some sub-associations have additional snow removal benefits included in their association fees. Please contact your sub manager for more information.

Town of Castle Rock (TOCR):

TOCR has a webpage with all of their snow information. Below are just two FAQs that may be beneficial for you to know:

1. Who can I reach out to if I need help removing snow? Senior citizens and persons with disabilities who are unable to clear snow from their sidewalks may receive assistance from the following organizations:
  • Aging Resources of Douglas County: A free assistance and referral program for qualified seniors needing help with light maintenance and chores – donations are accepted. To learn more, call 303-814-4300 or email [email protected].
  • To the Rescue: A program that provides a range of services offered to all community members, with specialized services for seniors and persons with disabilities. To learn more, call 720-851-2100 or email [email protected].
2. How do I report an ice issue? Residents can request ice breaking in a specified area by reaching out to [email protected] or 720-733-2462. Public Works will evaluate icy areas of Town and prioritize treatment in the same manner as plowing, starting with priority no. 1 streets, and by looking at the severity of the buildup and traffic volume. With the amount of sunny days in Colorado, some icy areas will be left to melt on their own.