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FAQ, New Owner Info, & Welcome Packet

Web Access

New owners may register on the website once the closing package has been received from the title company.  Please allow up to 30 days for the title company to process the package and record the deed.  Current owners may register at any time, if you need assistance contact the community manager at 386-439-0791.

PCP Welcome Packet

PCP Welcome Packet is to provide new PCP members,as well as current members, with important information on Palm Coast Plantation HOA.  The packet contains useful information on how to gain access to your new home or lot, Rules and Regulations, Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Guidelines, information on St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD), Storm Water Management, Committees and Clubs, RV/Boat Storage, and other useful information.

Click link below to open Welcome Packet:

Common Area Maintenance Reporting Procedure

For non-emergency maintenance, please contact the HOA Manager at 386-439-0791.  For after hours emergencies such as fire and flood, please call 386-439-0141.  For all life threatening emergencies, please call 911.

Amenity Cards & Barcodes

Each lot is entitled to be issued two barcodes and two amenity key cards upon resale or completion of construction.  Additional barcodes and replacements are available for $20 each.  To obtain barcodes or key cards please contact the HOA Manager at 386-439-0791, new owners will need a copy of their deed or settlement statement.

Deed Restricted Community

Palm Coast Plantation is governed by an HOA through its governing documents: Declaration of Community Covenants & Restrictions, Rules & Regulations, and ARC Guidelines. Disclosures regarding the HOA are required to be provided as part of the Real Estate purchase transaction in the state of Florida.  All homeowners automatically become members of the Palm Coast Plantation Homeowners Association upon purchase, the HOA in PCP is not optional.  Please click here review the current HOA Governing Documents.  If you have questions regarding the documents and staying in compliance, please contact the HOA Manager at 386-439-0791.


Pick up day - Thursday
To obtain recycling bins please call 386-586-0800

Curbside recycling is offered by Flagler County through Waste Pro.  Class 1, 2, and 3 plastic and glass bottles, aluminum cans, and news paper are the recyclables collected curbside.  Please use two bins, one for plastic & glass and the other for paper.

Garbage Collection

Pick up days - Monday & Thursday
Yard waste - Wednesday
For service questions please call 386-586-0800

Curbside garbage collection is offered by Flagler County through Waste Pro. Hazardous materials, tires, propane tanks, waste oil, construction & demolition debris will not be picked up by the waste hauler.  These materials should be taken to the landfill for disposal.

Pet Owners

Dogs are required to be leashed when not within a fenced area on your lot.  Please pick-up after your pets as a courtesy to all residents and for the health of our community.  Pet waste is not only unsightly, but contributes to lake & pond pollution, and can kill fish as well as cause algae blooms.  

Homestead Exemption

If this will be your Primary Residence, remember to file for your Homestead Exemption before March 1.  Apply at the Property Appraisers Office, room 312, at the Courthouse in Bunnell.  You must own and occupy the property by January 1.  Call or check their website first to confirm which documents are needed to file (i.e. Florida Driver's license for all owners, vehicle registration, Flagler County voter registration card, Social Security Numbers, if property is in a trust you will need a copy of the trust, non-US citizens must also present a resident alien card/green card).

Homestead exemptions is important to homeowners because real property is assessed at full market value (just value) as of January 1 of the year in which the property first receives the homestead exemption.  The following year the property is reassessed and any changes from the prior year's assessed value is not to exceed the lesser of 3% of that prior year assessed value or the Consumer Price Index percentage change, (except capital improvements, addition or other improvements.  

Water Utility Service

City of Palm Coast:  386-986-3700  

Electrical Service

Florida Power and Light:  386-986-3700  


Spectrum:  386-445-5464

Flagler Public Schools

The following information is excerpted from the Flagler County Schools websiteYou should visit the website for complete, updated information.

What forms are necessary for registering at school and when do students start? In order to register your child for school you will need: • A Health form filled out by a local doctor • A Record of Immunizations filled out by a local doctor • Social Security Card • Proof of residency at local address.  When all of your registration paperwork is complete, students usually start school one day later. The teacher will need time to prepare for a new student.

How do I know where my child will go to school? We currently have two high schools, one middle school, one K-8 school and three elementary schools. You will have to check with our district office, our transportation department or a school registrar to determine which school your child is to attend.

Can I send my child to a different school than what I am zoned for? Our district has a limited school choice program that allows parents to ask for their student(s) to attend a school that is not their “home zone” school. Call the district office for further details.

How do I register for the preschool program? The state of Florida does not fund programs for all 4-year-old children. Families must qualify for the slots in our school programs. However, there are private programs in the community that have pre-kindergarten programs. If you are looking for programs for children under 5 years old you may call the Early Learning Coalition at (386) 437-8236 to discuss programs.

Vehicle Registration

Drivers Licenses

Local News Paper

The Daytona Beach News Journal: 877-777-6673

Flagler Playhouse

One of our residents is very involved with the Flagler Playhouse.  They perform at various locations throughout Flagler County.  Go to their website for a list of their upcoming plays.

Flagler Auditorium

This is a 1000 seat auditorium at the Flagler County High School.  For a list of their performances, go to their website at

Farmers Market

Located at Veteran’s Park in Flagler Beach at S.R. 100/E. Moody Blvd, the market brings an old-fashioned theme to the center of town. Don't miss the opportunity to stroll amongst the vendors selling farm fresh vegetables, fruit, baked goods, nuts, and plants. Hours are 8:00 am until about noon on Friday and Saturday mornings.

To read reviews and ratings on local businesses in Flagler County, go to or    It’s a candid look by consumers at everything including builders, restaurants, physicians, contractors, personal and family services, banking, home and garden, real estate, etc.

Local Parks & Recreation

There are several parks and recreation areas nearby, here are a few:
Bulow-Plantation Ruins – Located 3 miles west of Flagler Beach on C.R. 2001, south of S.R. 100
Faver-Dykes State Park – 1000 Faver-Dykes Road, St. Augustine
Gamble Rogers Memorial state Park – 3100 S. State Road A1A, Flagler Beach
Malcompra County Park – Located on both sides of Malacompra Road, East of Highway A1A
Old Salt Road Beach Park – Located at the end of 16th Road off A1A
Tomoka State Park – 2099 North Beach Street, Ormond Beach
Washington Oaks Gardens State Park – 6500 N. Oceanshore Blvd, located 2 miles south of Marineland, off A1A

Boat Launches

Bings Landing – Location at A1A at the Hammock, 5880 N. Oceanshore Blvd, Palm Coast
Moody Boat Launch – Located at Moody Lane in Flagler Beach
Disston Boat Launch – Located County Road, 2009 on Lake Disston
Russell Landing – Located at 2007 Haw Creek Preserve, Bunnell
Shell Bluff – Located Off County Road 100 on Crescent Lake
Herschel King Sr. Park (Located right next door to us) Colbert Lane, Palm Coast
Princess Place Preserve – Located 2500 Princess Place Road, Palm Coast
Marineland – Located A1A North at 9805 N. Oceanshore Blvd, St. Augustine
Wadsworth Park – Located State Road 100, West of the ICW,  2200 Moody Blvd, Flagler Beach

Whale Watching

This is a popular pastime among visitors and locals of Flagler County.  The pregnant females travel to the coasts of Georgia and Florida each winter and give birth to their calves.  The best time to spot them is between December and April.  Right whales are about 45 ft. in length and calves are about 18 ft. long.  Flagler Beach hosts an Annual “Right Whale” Watch January through February.  Please report sightings to:  1-888-97-WHALE.

Hiking & Bird Watching

The area is filled with a wide variety of wilderness routes located within local parks and nature preserves. Graham Swamp is a very popular place and is located just outside the entrance to Palm Coast Plantation, south on Colbert Lane.


(Excerpts from an article by Jim Jarrell) Flagler County Airport was built in the early 1940s as a Navy flight-training base that served as an outlying field for Naval Air Station Daytona Beach and other naval air stations in the area.

The airport has been operating as a small, uncontrolled airport since it was turned over to the county after World War II. However, the airport is rapidly growing to match the current economic growth in the area. The airport hosts a number of tenant business activities and operations that include aircraft maintenance, helicopter training and charters, micro-light distribution and training, aircraft salvage business, Florida Department of Forestry airborne patrol, Enterprise Car Rental, mosquito control district helicopter spraying, gyrocopter training, Coast Guard Auxiliary patrol and two seaplane training/certification schools. In addition, the airport has a new restaurant that is quickly becoming one of the most popular locations in the county. The restaurant is adjacent to the aircraft-parking apron and is open seven days a week from 9:00am to 9:00pm.

An interesting piece of aviation history has its roots at the airport. In the late 1940s, an Eastern Airlines Super Constellation on a flight from up north to Miami made a forced landing at the airport when a propeller came off the aircraft, entered the fuselage, and injured and killed several passengers and a flight attendant. After landing, and because the airport didn’t have a boarding ladder, several passengers were injured while exiting the aircraft. As a result of those injuries, the concept of an emergency slide was conceived which is now standard and required onboard equipment on commercial airliners.

Other Area Airports:
Daytona Beach International Airport (25 miles from Flagler County)
Orlando International Airport (90 miles from Flagler County)
Jacksonville International Airport (85 miles from Flagler County)
Sanford International Airport (approximately 70 miles from Flagler County)


AdventHealth - Palm Coast
60 Memorial Medical Parkway
Palm Coast, Fl 32164
386-586-2000 (Located approximately ¼ mile west of I-95 on SR 100.)

Halifax Health Medical Center – Level II Trauma Center
303 N. Clyde Morris Blvd.
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

AdventHealth - Daytona Beach
301 Memorial Medical Pkwy
Daytona Beach, FL 32117

Flagler Hospital – St. Augustine
400 Health Blvd.
St. Augustine, FL 32086

Click here for additional relocation information from the Flagler County Chamber of Commerce



New Owner Welcome Packet
Welcome to Palm Coast Plantation HOA.  The Board of Directors would like to congratulate you on your new purchase of a home, or lot, in Palm Coast Plantation. 

To provide new members with important information we've created a Welcome Packet.  The packet contains information on how to gain access to your new home or lot., Rules and Regulations, Architectural Review Committee Guidelines, information on St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD), Storm Water Management, Committees and Clubs, RV/Boat Storage, and other useful information. 

Please take time to read the Welcome Packet to make the purchase of your new home, or lot, in Palm Coast Plantation (PCP) a smooth transition.