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Selling or Leasing a home in PCR?

Community Documents
All sign advertising a home/lot for sale or lease, or rent must comply with the requirements of the “standard” Phillips Creek sign to be compatible with the overall theme of Phillips Creek and its amenities. This requirement applies to builders as well as property owners. The sign may be displayed only while the lot/home is for sale or lease and shall be removed when the property is no longer for sale or lease.

If any attachments are added to the sign, they must be painted the same color scheme as the “standard” Phillips Creek sign. Any sign rider attachments to the “standard” sign must be securely attached to the bottom of the sign and not the top of the sign. Information boxes or tubes must be securely attached to the sign. 

The sign shall be located in the front of the home/lot. In the event the sign is to be displayed adjacent to the street, it shall be located within the boundaries of said lot and between the sidewalk and the home. No signs shall be erected on the roof of any structure or on any fence.

For Sale Sign Standards                                                     
Lease Sign Standards

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Realtor weekend directional signs are limited to “open house” signs only, and will only be allowed during the “open house” time frame. No directional “home for sale” signs will be allowed in the community.