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Architectural Documents & Process Details
Architectural Review Committee

Declaration- Article VI, section 6.1- "No improvements shall be commenced, erected, constructed, placed or maintained upon any lot, not shall any exterior addition a to or change or alteration therein be made until the Plans and Specifications, therefore, shall have been submitted to in accordance herewith and approved in writing by the Architectural Review Committee."

The Board of Directors appoints the Architectural Review Committee members. These members are volunteers. The current volunteer members are: 

Sean Wray

Megan Rogers

Kevin Foley

You can contact the volunteer committee members through the Plum Creek HOA office: [email protected] 

Architectural Process

Exterior permanent changes to your lot require approval from the Architectural Review Committee.

The volunteer Architectural Review Committee has 21 days to review a project once it is uploaded into the voting software. Be sure to submit a complete packet of information, otherwise, the review process will be delayed. 

                          Only one exterior change project per the ARC request form. 

You will need to download the Architectural Change Request form found below. Review the Architectural Guidelines in the Documents below for information about common exterior change requests. 

Link to ARC Form: ARC Form

Scan and email the ARC form and supporting documents to: [email protected]
Architectural request status emails come from: [email protected]
(check your junk email folder for emails)

Change your email settings to allow email notices from this email address. You can also check for notification emails in your junk/spam folder.