Access Control

Access Control

Access Control is responsible for the access into the community including the monitoring of Jacksonville Sheriff Office, the guard service contract, guardhouse equipment and community patrols.

Reminder: All conversations and actions at entry and exit gates are recorded and photographed.

Important phone numbers
  • JGCC Hodges gate: 223-3333
  • JGCC Beach gate: 223-1770
  • Envera: (877) 936-8372
  • JSO: 630-0500
  • Emergencies
    • Medical: 911
    • Break-in, traffic accident, other: Call JSO, then Beach or Hodges gate
  • MAY Management Services, Inc: 904-940-1002

Vendor/Guest Registration

Envera App
You can download the MyEnvera application from the App Store.  In order to be able to log-in you will need your username and password. You may retrieve this information from website.  You will be able to manage your visitor list from your phone, review visitor history, edit your profile and more from the app.    

Online Instruction
Please click here

By phone
Guards will be unable to add permanent guests/vendors to your list. You can accomplish this through the above portal or app or by calling Envera at (877) 936-8372.

Real Estate Agent Guidelines

  • Open houses
    • Check in with guard at gate
    • Give list of visitors to guard
    • If visitor is not on the list, guard will call agent, who must meet person at the gate
  • No soliciting door-to-door
  • No flyers

Vendor Guidelines

  • Hours allowed in community
    • Monday - Friday: 7:30 am - 7 pm
    • Saturday: 7:30 am - 5 pm
    • Sunday and Holidays:
      • Emergencies only
      • No moving trucks in or out
  • No soliciting door-to-door
  • No flyers
  • Parking
    • If on the street, when performing service, must place cones at 6’ intervals at front and back of vehicle(s)
    • Must not block a driveway
Click here for Jacksonville Golf and Country Club community street map.

Access Control Policies and Procedures

The following policies are in place and strictly enforced for all Jacksonville Golf and Country Club residents and visitors:
  • No movers or vendors are allowed on Holidays and Sundays
  • The safety of our community continues to be a high priority for the POA and Access Control. All traffic laws, including speed limits, are heavily enforced by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. Please slow down, obey the signs and be aware that there are consequences for breaking the traffic laws.
  • All cars must be properly registered with JGCC POA at an address in Jacksonville Golf and Country Club.
  • Overnight parking on the streets is not allowed.  Exception - if work is being done on your driveway, call MAY Management Service at 904-940-1002.
  • Golf cart rules - To be added later.