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Architectural Standards

Exterior Modification / Project Application Process

As an owner of residential property in Radisson, you are required to maintain and use your property in accordance with the covenants and to obtain approval from the Architectural Standards Committee (ASC) prior to making a change to the exterior of your home. Homeowners must submit an application along with required documentation to the ASC if they wish to do any modifications to the exterior of their home or property.

Please refer to the Architectural Standards Guide appropriate for your type of home (Detached or Attached) to determine which application to use for your specific project, what information is required, and any associated architectural requirements. Submit your application at least four weeks prior to the date you anticipate needing approval to start work to prevent delays with starting your project.

The application deadline is 9am on the business day prior to an ASC Meeting  (ex. Mon meeting/Fri deadline), apps received after deadline will be processed for the next scheduled meeting. Submit application earlier to allow time to address missing or incomplete info.

You will be notified of your application being Approved, Pended for more info, or Denied, within 3 to 5 business days after the meeting at which it is reviewed. Please check your email for updates during the time you have an active ASC application. 

Once approved by the ASC, all modifications must be completed by the specified date, typically within one year. If not completed, the approval will expire and the application must be re-submitted.

Once your project is complete, contact the ASC Department (via project status form or email) and a final inspection will be made to determine if all requirements of the initial approval have been met.

If you receive a notice of violation, you can submit a Violation Appeal Form within 10 days to request that the issue be reconsidered.  

Contact the ASC at [email protected] or call the RCA office at 315-635-7171 with questions.

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