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Sandpiper homeowners rented the land but had always hoped for the security of park ownership. In 2002, after receiving offers from developers, the owner decided to sell. Under Florida law, the homeowners were given first right of refusal. The land was expensive at $9.6 million, about a million dollars an acre. Under a tight deadline, the homeowners quickly organized and after considerable effort managed to form a Co-operative. To the amazement of many and much celebration, purchase of the park was completed in April of 2003. At that point there were 69 Shareholders. This number quickly rose to the initial share limit of 85. In April of 2004 the limit was raised by a vote of shareholders to 120. All shares have been sold.

With pride of ownership and a secure investment, changes were almost immediate and are ongoing. Homes in disrepair were removed and new manufactured homes are arriving in their place. Long overdue park beautification and maintenance is underway and many homeowners have upgraded their homes. Volunteer committees are in place for park beautification, dock renewal etc. and the spirit of the homeowners is contagious. Home values have risen dramatically.

 After several increase, shares presently range from $83,375 to $105,000. At these prices, Sandpiper provides an excellent and secure investment opportunity and a pleasant affordable lifestyle in one of Florida's premier beachfront communities. Condominiums across Gulf Drive no larger than many of the homes in Sandpiper cost 5-10 times as much. They are mostly rented and don't provide the neighborly retirement lifestyle of living among fellow homeowners. There is an excellent community spirit and genuine delight in living in such a pleasant location.
The security of investing is Sandpiper is its location.  The safe, un-crowded and unspoiled atmosphere of Anna Maria Island is very much in demand and there is very little land left.