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Update - 11/30/2022:

City of Scottsdale votes to require licensing for short-term and vacation rentals

A note regarding rentals within Scottsdale Mountain:

As most of you know, ever since the Scottsdale Mountain Community was originally established, it has been a requirement that any home rental in our community must be for a period of not less than 30 days.  This requirement is included in Section 10.39.4 our original Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions which were adopted and recorded back in 1992.

For most of the time since our founding, we have not experienced problems with homeowners attempting to ignore this requirement.  Unfortunately, with the advent of on-line short term rental sites we have begun experiencing homeowners who have rented to short term guests.  

You may ask, why is this a problem?  First of all, security! All of our homeowners are paying to live in a guard gated community that provides a level of protection from people who would want to come in to our neighborhood for a purpose detrimental to our residents.  When all that is required is a weekend rental reservation, the security benefits of our guard gates is dramatically reduced.  Second is personal enjoyment.  Each of our homeowners should be able to assume they can enjoy their home and their yard without having to tolerate the risk of large groups simply coming in for a week or a weekend for parties accompanied by loud noise, litter, property damage, profanity, etc.

We make every attempt to monitor any short term rental activity within Scottsdale Mountain and work with the homeowners to cease that activity.  [We have also implemented a significant fine policy to deter short term rentals, starting with a $5,000 fine.]. Help us preserve Scottsdale Mountain as a safe place for all of our residents.

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