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Oak Wilt Policy
Oak wilt disease is a very serious and problematic issue in Central Texas and can wipe out trees within a few weeks.  Oak trees may not be pruned and/or removed from February 1st through June 30th.  Please contact The Hills POA office if limbs or trees are damaging property.
  • Paint - Always paint frest oak wounds immediately after pruning with wound dressing or latex paint, regardless of the season.
  • Sterilize Pruning Tools - Clean all pruning tools with 10% bleach solution or Lysol between sites and trees.
  • Properly Dispose of Red Oak Debris - Debris from diseased red oaks should be immediately chipped or burned.
If uncertain about trimming, consult a Texas oak wilt certified arborist, an oak wilt specialist from a city, county or state government agency such as the Texas Forest Service or Texas AgriLife Extension Service, or visit