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Tudor Branch is a unique community which embraces the many positive attributes of our American past, while providing a model for a healthy and diverse future. Planned along the Burgamy Ridge, above the convergence of Tudor Branch and Walton Branch in Columbia County, Georgia, the Tudor Branch community offers a unique lifestyle, which blends an appreciation of the environment and our architectural past with the many important aspects of family and community.

The open natural setting of the beautiful 351-acre site offers 360 degree vistas of the rolling hills of the southern piedmont. Offering nine unique neighborhoods along the upper portions of the site, the entire property is protected by the approximately 140-acre nature preserve, which will serve as a permanent greenspace buffer for the community at large, as well as a unique natural amenity for each Tudor Branch resident.

While the 21st century poses new demands on all of us, Tudor Branch residents are asked to become part of something much larger. The Tudor Branch Wilderness Trust will serve as the master steward of the community nature preserve, which maintains the potential to continually nurture and improve the greenspace within the community.