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Paint Palettes
Please use the provided Design Review Request Form when submitting a request to paint your home. You will find the approved paint palettes below.

The full scheme must be used exactly as it is laid out when painting your home (e.g. body color must stay the body color, trim color must stay the trim color, etc.) Please note that the colors on the website are scanned in and might not be a true representation of the color that you are choosing. If you would like to see the actual paint themes they are located at the Community Center. You may also download the Sherwin Williams app to your Android or iPhone and type in the color codes to see what you house would look like painted the colors you choose. All paint schemes below have been pre approved by the Board of Directors.

When filling out your design review form please note the color palette book in which your color scheme was chosen as well as the scheme you are choosing (e.g. Modern Palette scheme 6). Other colors and combinations will be considered by the Board of Directors.

You must submit paint samples if you are choosing other colors for approval.