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Cadden Connect - Resources
Welcome to the Cadden Connect Resource Page.  The Resource Page will be your source for information on the Cadden Connect mobile app and website for your community.  Here you find helpful tips, videos and downloadable information.

New Cadden Connect instructional videos

Please check out these short instructional videos to help you get the most out of your community’s Cadden Connect website.

Get an App
Setting up your account
Creating a post
Joining a Group
Adding a Profile Photo
Adding Family Members to your Account
Making Reservations

Your community management company, Cadden Community Management, has partnered with Nabr Network to create Cadden Connect: an exciting mobile app and website designed to keep communication flowing in your community association. Many communities like yours have found Cadden Connect to be beneficial to both board members and homeowners alike.

Please take a few minutes to watch these videos covering Cadden Connect's features.

Part 1:

Introduction, the Homeowner's Access, Community Pages, Resources and Online Forms


Part 2:

Reservations Management System, API Integration, Notification Preferences, and the Community Feed


Part 3:

API Integrated Notices and Payments, the Community Manager's Dashboard, Quick Posts and Scheduled Posting


Part 4:

The Smart Calendar, Automated Notifications, the Board Center, the Knowledge Base, Getting Started and the 3 Step Onboarding Process.