Important Information

Trash, Recycling, and Yard Waste

Our vendor for trash and recycling, American Disposal Services, conducts one stop per week:
  • Friday - Trash, Recycling, and Yard Waste
If you need to make special bulk trash pickup arrangements, please contact them at 703-368-0500.
Our Cluster resolution (2004-01) states that "trash and recyclables may be placed curbside in appropriate containers after 7:00pm, or dark, which ever occurs first, the evening before the day of the scheduled pick up."

Please try to keep all trash in a sealed container to prevent curious creatures or the weather from making a mess. You may use large brown paper bags for yard waste.

Please also ensure that the containers are placed back inside your garage that evening. Thanks for keeping things looking tidy!

Our Canine Friends

There are many dogs living in Hawthorn and in order to keep this a clean place to live, please remember the following:
  • Dog owners are required to pick up after their pets as noted by the Fairfax County "Pooper Scooper" Law (Section 41.1-2-6)
  • All dogs are to remain on a leash while out and about according to the Fairfax County Leash Law (Section 41.1-2-4)
Additionally, out of consideration for all neighbors, please keep your dog on the grass between the street and sidewalk, rather than on the front yards of neighbors.

Hawthorn residents are also welcomed to use the various pet stations in our neighboring Vintage Place.

Parking in Hawthorn

There are only 39 common area parking spaces for 79 units. Please be considerate and use your garage and driveway, when possible.

Spaces may be used 8 AM to 4 PM seven days a week without displaying a parking permit. From 4 PM to 8 AM every day, permits are required to be prominently displayed. Vehicles without visible permits are subject to towing during enforcement hours. Additionally, common area parking is for occasional usage. Any vehicle remaining in the same common area parking space for more than three consecutive days is also subject to towing.

Only one permit per unit will be issued and in effect at any time. For a replacement hangtag, please contact Capitol Management at (703) 707-6404; there is a $50 non-refundable replacement fee.
If towed, please confirm with police (non emergency) (703) 691-2131 and JDR Towing at (703) 856-0270.

Note - the Hawthorn Cluster Association board is unable to reimburse any resident for towing charges.

Critical Numbers

  • Emergency - 911
  • Non-emergency (Police) - 703-691-2131
  • Non-emergency TTY - 703-204-2264
  • Poison Control Center - 800-222-1222
  • Fairfax County Emergency Info. - 703-817-7771
  • Flooding - 703-691-2131
  • Sewer Emergencies - 703-323-1211
  • Animal Control - 703-691-2131

Important Numbers

  • Dominion VA Power - 888-667-3000
  • Fairfax Water - 703-698-5800
  • Washington Gas - 703-750-1000
  • Miss Utility - 800-552-7001
  • Storm Sewers - 703-324-5500
  • JDR Towing - 703-856-0270
  • American Disposal - 703-368-0500
  • Capitol Companies - 703-707-6404
  • Reston Association - 703-437-9580